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Oct 27, 2017

In our 6th 10 Minutes episode, Tripp explores both the role and need for performance appraisals, beginning with an explanation of their 3-part intended use; to provide feedback, to guide decisions on promotions, and to allocate salary increases.

Using short excerpts of presentations by Dr. Deming, Tripp reminds us of the strong association Dr. Deming encountered between performance appraisals and "management by fear," not to mention their ability to "annihilate long term planning," encourage high mobility of management, and destroy teamwork.     

This episode includes excerpts of previous podcasts with business executives who were inspired by Dr. Deming to abolish performance appraisals in their companies; Dick Steele with Peaker Services and Paula Marshall with The Bama Companies.

Tripp closes the podcast with choice words on ending the practice of performance appraisals from Peter Scholtes. 


If you have comments or suggestions for future 10 Minutes with Dr. Deming topics, please contact Tripp at or through Twitter @demingpodcast.