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Dec 11, 2018

In our 22nd episode of Deming Speaks, this 21-minute excerpt from a lecture by Dr. Deming includes his thoughts on the following topics:

  1. Every player to support the others
  2. Good players must work together
  3. All the best parts of assorted automobiles, when taken together, will not work together, will not form a system
  4. Management often does not understand the system
  5. Some components may need to operate at a loss to optimize the whole system
  6. Optimization of the system for everyone concerned should be the basis of negotiation
  7. If one party goes into negotiation with the avowed aim to defend his rights, everybody loses
  8. The Taguchi Loss Function, maybe symmetrical, likely a parabola
  9. Loss to Society
  10. Story of a note being given by a teacher to Heero Hacquebord’s young daughter, when she scored below average on two consecutive tests
  11. Story of a run chart created by Patrick Nolan for the daily time of arrival of a school bus