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Mar 11, 2019

In our 24th "Deming Lens" episode, host Tripp Babbitt shares his interpretation of wide-ranging aspects and implications of Dr. Deming's theory of management.

Topics in this episode include:

  • The 9th of Dr. Deming’s 14 Points – "Break down barriers between departments"
  • The operation of independent kingdoms, with ratings for the performance of each department
  • Organizations, through a systems lens, are more than the sum of their parts
  • Reductionist thinking, dating back to Frederick Winslow Taylor
  • Book - Deming's Profound Changes
  • Functional separation in service industries
  • "Stay in your lane"
  • Existence of separate goals and incentives
  • Separate profit centers within organizations
  • Synthesis is what really matters
  • Role of a structure and a shared aim
  • Role of a greater good
  • How do practices such as incentives, bonuses, ratings and rankings, and performance appraisals create barriers and division within an organization 

Dr. Deming's 14 Points are fully covered in Out of the Crisis. The New Economics presented his later thinking about the 14 points.