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Jul 20, 2018

In our 13th episode of Deming Speaks, this 23-minute excerpt from a 1980 lecture by Dr. Deming (which follows the content in episode #12) includes his thoughts on the following topics:
  1. Goals, including arbitrary ones
  2. Direction vs goals
  3. Making buggy whips, using statistical methods to improve efficiency
  4. Work standards, without a provision for measuring the quality of the work or the waste
  5. How did it happen in Japan? 4 forces came together
  6. Professor Eizaburo Nishibori
  7. Need not follow the Japan way
  8. Necessity to work with top management
  9. Quality all over the company
  10. Lifelong employment in Japan
  11. Deming chain reaction
  12. Trading quality for quantity
  13. The main fault is the system
  14. Operational definitions