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Jul 27, 2018

In our second interview podcast of July 2018, Doug Stilwell shares lessons learned on his transition from a public school administrator to a professor of education at Drake University, once bitten by the Deming philosophy. 

(This is Tripp's second interview with Doug.  Link here for the first interview.)

Highlights include:

  • Continued impact of new education methods in the Urbandale Community School District

  • How to bring more of Dr. Deming’s ideas into higher education?

  • How to impact the next generation of leaders in education?

  • Drake’s Continual Improvement Network

  • What happens when students leave Doug’s classes?

  • Network improvement communities
  • “The system always wins”

  • Moving away from the A-F grading system

  • Shifting from a “time rigid / learning flexible” system to a “time flexible / learning rigid” system