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Feb 16, 2018

In our 7th 10 Minutes episode, Tripp explores questions raised by Dr. Deming about the system of higher education, including what a school of business ought to teach?

Using short excerpts of presentations by Dr. Deming, Tripp shares Dr. Deming’s proposal for the obligations of schools of business to prepare students to lead the transformation and to teach the theory of a system, the evils of short term thinking, the losses of ranking people and divisions, and the losses of incentive pay.    Stepping back, listen as Dr. Deming asks about who is prepared to present such ideas?

Tripp closes the podcast with Dr. Deming asking about the thinking associated with assigning grades to students.


If you have comments or suggestions for future 10 Minutes with Dr. Deming topics, please contact Tripp at or through Twitter @demingpodcast.