The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Podcast

Fred Warmbier, CEO of Finishing Technology Inc. and Kelly Allan, Deming Institute Advisory Board Chairman.

This week's podcast features Fred Warmbier, CEO of Finishing Technology and Kelly Allan, Senior Associate of Kelly Allan Associates and Chair of the Deming Institute Advisory Board.

Fred and Kelly discuss their New York Times blog that documents the Deming journey of Finishing Technology, a metal finishing company in Ohio.  Fred first discovered the Deming message in September 2013 when he attended a Deming Institute 2.5 day seminar presented in partnership with Aileron, a non-profit near Dayton (Tipp City), Ohio dedicated to,  “Raising the Quality of Life in America”.

Fred attended with staff from his company and came away excited to explore how to change from the old way of running things.  He was driven by self-insight, a passion to study and a desire to help others, while understanding his business system and how to operate it more effectively and efficiently.  

After additional reading and further study, Fred was motivated to look at all elements of his business differently and through a new lens.  He began working with Kelly and as these new insights gained momentum, Fred felt it important to document his experiences, which were often humbling and comical.  

Around this time, The NY Times ran a story on companies unhooked from commission-based sales, which led to a multi-part NY Times blog, that documents Fred’s journey. The goal of the blog is to educate, inform, entertain, make a difference and be a call to action. 

This fascinating journey will energize executives, entrepreneurs and others who are always (as Fred and Kelly discuss) probing, looking, thinking and determined to figure things out.

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Clare-Crawford Mason and Bob Mason: Introducing Dr. Deming to the Western World
In this podcast Clare and Bob take us through their respective journeys that led to their groundbreaking work with Dr. Deming in the famous 1980 NBC documentary/white paper, “If Japan Can Why Can’t We?”  and the subsequent powerful 32 volume “Deming Library” which is still in widespread use.  From their early memories of meeting Dr. Deming to the impact it had on their lives, we experience their frustration with American management 34 years later, as well as their hope for the future.  They discuss the need for us to no longer be, “unconscious prisoners of our culture” and the importance of valuing individual differences, how people learn and how we can improve the processes we use in our work. Clare discusses the critical important concept she learned from Dr. Deming of “managing instead of controlling”. 

Their passion for continual learning continues to this day as they write, speak and contribute to the Deming message.  Their journey is a fascinating one of great significance and it looks to continue in 2015 with a new book from Clare titled, “The New Wisdom”.

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Paula Marshall, CEO of the Bama Companies, Inc. Discusses her Fascinating Deming Journey

Paula Marshall is the CEO of the Bama Companies, Inc., a company that may be best known for being the single supplier of the famous Apple dessert pies to McDonalds. They are also " innovator and manufacturer of bakery products to some of the most well-known restaurant chains on the planet."

In this episode Paula discusses with Tripp her amazing journey as a CEO that took her company from being on the verge of going out of business to the thriving powerhouse it is today. The transformation of Paula and her company started when she attended her first Deming seminar. That seminar and the subsequent meetings and friendship with Dr. Deming, shaped the future of the company in a way she never imagined. Paula shares her journey with Dr. Deming and how personally difficult it was to go against the very status quo management ideas she had learned and was using; in particular, learning the hard way how detrimental performance appraisals and the incentive based system are to an organization.

See for more information on Paula and the company.  Paula is also an author of several books, including her personal story in Sweet as Pie, Tough as Nails.

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Dr. Bill Bellows - Collaboration Within and Outside the Deming Community

Bill Bellows serves as president of the In2:InThinking Network, and as a Board Trustee of the W. Edwards Deming Institute®. In his podcast, Bill discusses his introduction to the Deming philosophy as a young engineer, and his "aha" moment after hearing Dr. Deming speak about the destructive nature of competition. He also shares his thoughts on the challenges of conveying the Deming message in the future and the importance of collaboration in the Deming community.

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Bob Browne, former CEO of the Great Plains Coca Cola Bottling Company

Bob Browne is the former CEO of the Great Plains Coca Cola Bottling Company and soon to be author of a new book, The Sys-Tao Way, that outlines his application of the Deming Philosophy.

Bob gives a brief history of the Great Plains Coca Cola Bottling Company, his introduction to the Deming Philosophy and experiences incorporating many of the teachings into his organization. Bob states how the Four Pillars are the key to understanding Deming with a special focus on the theory of knowledge and working relationships.

He describes the difficulty of letting go of his own established paradigms while incorporating the the teachings of W. Edwards Deming - it required constancy of purpose and faith that this was a better way. Bob also shares thoughts on where a CEO or change agent starts and he discusses organizational change and adoption of these ideas

The Twitter account specifically for the Deming Institute podcasts is @DemingPodcast.

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Steven Haedrich, President of New York Label & Box Works

In this episode of the Deming Podcast, Tripp Babbitt interviews Steven Haedrich, President of New York Label & Box Works.

In his podcast, Steven talks about the rich 130-year history of New York Label & Box Works and their Deming journey which began more than 20 years ago. Steven discusses his "aha" moments around management and leadership, and quality improvements. Steven also talks about the relevance of the Deming teachings today and the keys to long-term success using the Deming method.

Steven will be sharing his experiences at the upcoming Deming Institute Fall Conference, in a presentation titled "Deming is it!" The 2014 Deming Institute Fall Conference to be held this October 17-19 in Los Angeles.

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Andrea Gabor Discusses Management at Ford, GM and Her Current Passion: Education

In this episode of the Deming Podcast, Tripp Babbitt interviews Andrea Gabor.

Andrea Gabor begins by discussing her book The Man Who Discovered Quality: How W. Edwards Deming Brought the Quality Revolution to America – The Stories of Ford, Xerox, and GM.  She discusses what  Ford and GM have done since her book was published.

And then she discusses how to improve the education system and the problems with the primary efforts on "education reform" in the USA today.

Andrea will be presenting, What Education Reformers Can Learn from the Deming Philosophy, at The 2014 Deming Institute Fall Conference, to be held October 17-19 in Los Angeles.

The Twitter account specifically for the podcasts is @DemingPodcast.

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Dan Robertson Discusses his Deming Journey

In this episode of the Deming Podcast, Tripp Babbitt interviews Dan Robertson, Deming Institute Advisory Board member and Co-author of Deming's Profound Changes.

Dan discusses his Deming journey at Hewlett Packard and his experience writing Deming's Profound Changes with co-author Kenneth Delavigne, as a tribute to Dr. Perry Gluckman.

Dan is the Co-chair of The 2014 Deming Institute Fall Conference and shares details of the event to be held October 17-19 in Los Angeles.

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David Langford on Using Deming's Ideas to Improve Education

In this third episode of The Deming Podcast, moderator Tripp Babbitt interviews David Langford. David serves on The Deming Institute Advisory Board and is the CEO and founder of Langford International David shares the challenges he faced as an educator in Sitka Alaska, his introduction to the teachings Dr. W. Edwards Deming, and his work with the Leander Independent School District where they have been applying Dr. Deming’s principles since 1992. Go to  Deming Today  for more information on the Leander story.

David will be speaker in the Education track at the 2014 Deming Institute Fall Conference Oct 18-19 in Los Angeles, CA as well as leading and facilitating a special 2-Day Pre-Conference session on Education Oct 16-17. 

The Twitter account specifically for the podcasts is @DemingPodcast.

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Kelly Allan Discusses the Creation of the Deming 2 1/2 Day Seminar and Current Activities of the Institute

In the second episode of The W. Edwards Deming Institute Podcast moderator Tripp Babbitt interviews Kelly Allan.  Kelly serves on The W. Edwards Deming Institute advisory board and is the senior associate of Kelly Allan Associates.

Kelly discusses the creation of the 2 1/2 day seminar and the current activities of the Institute while also touching on various aspects of the Deming management method.

We have created a Twitter account specifically for the podcasts @DemingPodcast.

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