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Commencing in 2014, The Deming Institute has recorded podcasts on a monthly basis, featuring 20 to 30-minute interviews by Tripp Babbitt with members of the Deming Community who are advancing the use and explanations of Dr. Deming's ideas.   Beginning in 2016, Tripp introduced a second series of podcasts, with a focus on current events, coupled with commentary from Dr. Deming, sessions titled “10 Minutes with Dr. Deming.”  

In our 6th 10 Minutes episode, Tripp explores both the role and need for performance appraisals, beginning with an explanation of their 3-part intended use; to provide feedback, to guide decisions on promotions, and to allocate salary increases.

Using short excerpts of presentations by Dr. Deming, Tripp reminds us of the strong association Dr. Deming encountered between performance appraisals and "management by fear," not to mention their ability to "annihilate long term planning," encourage high mobility of management, and destroy teamwork.     

This episode includes excerpts of previous podcasts with business executives who were inspired by Dr. Deming to abolish performance appraisals in their companies; Dick Steele with Peaker Services and Paula Marshall with The Bama Companies.

Tripp closes the podcast with choice words on ending the practice of performance appraisals from Peter Scholtes. 


If you have comments or suggestions for future 10 Minutes with Dr. Deming topics, please contact Tripp at or through Twitter @demingpodcast.


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Beginning with an explanation that he "doesn't go anywhere without an invitation," this 23-minute excerpt from a 1990 presentation by Dr. Deming includes his thoughts on the following topics:
  1. Hard work and best efforts
  2. Role of automation
  3. How to plot points
  4. The scarcest items in all the world
  5. Missing ingredient - Profound Knowledge
  6. Deming's second theorem
  7. Efforts guided by instinct
  8. Forces of destruction
  9. Monopolies
  10. Irving Langmuir
  11. Management by Results
  12. Special causes and common causes
  13. How is management going to learn?
  14. Work standards
  15. Management by Imposition of Results (MBIR)
  16. Job of a leader
  17. 3 sources of power
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Commencing in 2014, The Deming Institute has recorded podcasts on a monthly basis, featuring 20 to 30-minute interviews by Tripp Babbitt with members of the Deming Community who are advancing the use and explanations of Dr. Deming's ideas.

In our October podcast, his first session with Tripp, Joshua Macht, Executive Vice President, Product Innovation, and Group Publisher of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) Group, shares his goal of how to recast management ideas to those new to management, with a focus on innovation, strategy, and core principles of leadership.   

Long before he traveled to Gothenberg, Sweden in 2016 to attend an international healthcare conference, Josh was aware of Dr. Deming as an "old friend" of management, much the same as he assessed Peter Drucker.   Yet, upon witnessing Dr. Don Berwick conduct the classic "red bead experiment," he quickly joined the ranks of those deeply struck by the revelation that the performance of willing workers in any organization is largely governed by the system itself, far more than the performance of the workers taken separately.   So began his desire to review of videos and books about Dr. Deming, leading to his HBR article in 2016, a 6-page tribute to Dr. Deming, "The management thinker we should never have forgotten."

Interview highlights include: 

  • What’s happening at the HBR – expansion, podcasts, innovation, new and expanded audience
  • Thinking systemically
  • Needs of young professionals
  • New HBR product launched in India, ASCEND
  • Lasting impressions of the red bead experiment, including whimsical measures of quality
  • Now, more than ever, the need for a refresher on Dr. Deming
  • Layoffs and the erosion of trust
  • How good people fall prey to a bad system
  • Dr. Deming’s world of human nature
  • Efforts that obliterate trust
  • Barriers to success
  • How workers treat each other in ways that are counter-productive
  • Taylorism vs. Deming management
  • HBR and the Watertown (Massachusetts) Arsenal, an early site of Taylorism
  • Organizational undercurrents of “Us” vs “Them”
  • Passion for innovation and a role as a digital renegade
  • The need to be useful and feel valued
  • The joy of learning
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In our inaugural "Lens", hosts Tripp Babbitt and Bill Bellows share their vision of these new podcasts, an opportunity for them to engage the Deming community in interpreting the wide-ranging aspects and implications of Dr. Deming's theory of management.

Topics for our first episode, Tripp and Bill explore the following topics:

  • Format of the "Lens"
  • Favorite Deming quotes
  • "All that we have comes from people who are responsible only to themselves"
  • "By What Method?" 
  • Favorite Deming misquotes
  • "In God we trust, all others bring data"
  • "If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it"
  • Use and misuse of numerical targets
  • Low use of Statistical Process Control
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