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Dec 15, 2017

In our 5th episode of Deming Speaks, this 23-minute excerpt from a 1992 presentation by Dr. Deming includes his thoughts on the following topics:
  1. Picking the best workers for the future
  2. x + xy = 8
  3. How are leaders chosen?
  4. Selection procedure for hiring employees
  5. What would happen if salaries were doubled?
  6. How to reward top performers?
  7. Does profit sharing represent over-justification?
  8. Worker responsibility
  9. Joint responsibility
  10. How do unions fit into the Deming philosophy?
  11. How can lower level employees help management learn the Deming philosophy?
  12. Malcolm Baldrige Award
  13. Role of a first-level supervisor in a Deming transformation
  14. Leaders have a theory
  15. Question about Biblical references