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Nov 28, 2023

Slogans and exhortations don't work to motivate people. Targets usually encourage manipulation or cheating. John Dues and Andrew Stotz discuss how these three strategies can hinder improvement, frustrate teachers and students, and even cause nationwide scandals.


0:00:02.4 Andrew Stotz: My name is Andrew...

Nov 21, 2023

What does it mean that people feel connected and included when something good happens yet dissociate when something bad happens? In this episode, Bill Bellows and Andrew Stotz discuss the human side of integration.


0:00:02.9 Andrew Stotz: My name is Andrew Stotz, and I'll be your host as we continue our...

Nov 14, 2023

Listening to understand and learn is often harder than not-really-listening because you're thinking about what to say. Dr. Deming emphasized learning and was excited about ideas he heard from others every day. In this episode, David Langford and Andrew Stotz talk about why and how managers, including teachers,...

Nov 7, 2023

Most people agree: teamwork and collaboration generate greater results than isolation and silos. So why do we let barriers get in the way? In this episode, John Dues and host Andrew Stotz talk about barriers to collaboration and how to break them down.


0:00:02.7 Andrew Stotz: My name is Andrew Stotz, and I'll...