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May 24, 2017

In our May 2017 podcast, his sixth session with Tripp (1st2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th), David Langford, author, consultant, President, Ingenium Schools, and, 2017 ASQ Deming Medal Recipient, offers insights on his efforts to lead a Deming transformation within Ingenium Schools.

In his latest podcast, David reflects on 31 years of learning and applying the Deming philosophy to enrich society, with a focus on advancing education systems.   Beginning with his first conversation with Dr. Deming in 1986, when he personally answered David’s phone call from Sitka, Alaska, he has been on a personal learning journey, including mentored from Dr. Deming.   With encouragement from Dr. Deming, David reached out to Myron Tribus, who traveled to Sitka to learn more about David’s efforts to bring Dr. Deming’s theory of management to his high school education system.   Soon thereafter, David and Myron were speaking together at conferences about their efforts to improve education systems, using a Deming lens.

Fast forward to 2016, when David was selected to serve as president of Ingenium Schools and shift from “living vicariously as a consultant” (with Langford Learning) to “get back to the laboratory” of an education system in a full-time capacity.  In this month’s podcast, David goes down memory lane with Tripp to explore topics such as: 

  • His first phone call with Dr. Deming
  • Collaborating with his mentor, Myron Tribus
  • A 25+ year career as a consultant with Langford Learning
  • An offer from founder and previous president, Glenn Noreen, to join Ingenium Schools
  • Daily Innovation at Ingenium Schools, with 160+ employees
  • Have the fundamentals in education changed?
  • Finding meaning in the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Profound Learning Experiences
  • Looking for the smallest things which can have the biggest impact
  • Making decisions in a school system, both with and without the System of Profound Knowledge
  • Running meetings with "our" agenda vs. "the boss's" agenda
  • What teachers can do in a class room, in the absence of pre-determined answers to their questions
  • When teachers shift roles from managing behaviors to mentoring
  • Shifting from 1-way to 2-way conversations
  • “Ingenium Huddles”
  • Receiving the 2017 Deming Medal from the American Society for Quality

For more information about David's current work with Ingenium Schools, please visit