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Jul 13, 2018

In our July 2018 interview podcast, his 7th session with Tripp, Superintendent David Langford reflects on the efforts of the entire staff of Ingenium Charter Schools to move from “theory to practice” in their understanding and application of the Deming philosophy.

Highlights include:

  • David’s (new) role as superintendent
  • Ingenium operates with 6 schools across Los Angeles, CA
  • Restoring joy and meaning to learning as Ingenium’s constancy of purpose
  • Meaningful and relevant learning
  • Moving from theory into practice
  • 5 areas of practice (focus): SoPK, intrinsic motivation, continual improvement, neuroscience, and (project-based) quality learning experiences
  • Student involvement
  • Dashboards for monitoring joy in work
  • Students learning about common and special causes of variation
  • Student feedback on their experiences within Ingenium schools
  • Neuroscience research

For more information about David's current work with Ingenium Schools, please visit