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Aug 19, 2017

In our August 2017 podcast, Francis Petit, Associate Dean for Global Initiatives and Partnerships for Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business in New York City, shares highlights of a recent visit to Japan with Executive MBA students.    Of particular interest is his feedback on the students’ exposure to the influence of Deming management during their travels.   Having presented lectures in Fordham’s Deming Scholar’s MBA program, Francis thought to include a visit to the offices of Japan’s Union of Scientists and Engineers, also known as JUSE, and use this opportunity for the MBA students to learn about Dr. Deming’s influence on Japan through the eyes of JUSE members.    He was delighted to be hosted by JUSE’s Secretary General, Ichiro Kotsuka, who provided an explanation of the origins of the Deming Prize, his experience in collaborating with Dr. Deming, as well as insights on the selection process for the Deming Prize.

Interview highlights include:

  • an explanation of the role of this trip to Japan in a “capstone” course for the MBA students
  • demographics of the students
  • first impressions on arriving in Japan and the systems awareness experienced within Narita Airport
  • how the students prepared for visiting JUSE
  • the impact of Dr. Deming’s theory of management on Secretary General Kotsuka’s personal and professional life 
  • the contrast the students found between a longer term approach for business growth in Japan, with the shorter term focus in their respective organizations, including pressure for quantum growth 
  • the students’ experience with variable compensation systems, including bonuses and commissions
  • training received by the students to maximize their personal performance during performance appraisals
  • why sales managers are less likely to be amongst the students in Fordham’s MBA programs
  • impressions of the commitment of Japanese companies towards their employees