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Sep 6, 2017

In our September 2017 podcast, her first session with Tripp, Lori Fry, a business management consultant from Columbus, Ohio, shares her inspiration for launching her "Dignity (at work) Project."   Through a partnership with The Deming Institute, every month, beginning in June, Lori will share posts from her website,

From her website, Lori is "on a mission to bring dignity back to work in the American workforce.  To transform our economy, we first must transform ourselves and our companies.  Our aim is to bring dignity and joy back to work. The work of Dr. Deming and others who have contributed to expanding his body of work over the years provide the basis for what’s to come."

Lori adds "Our dysfunction with skilled labor is the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface are the symptoms of a workforce that’s been robbed of dignity in the name of greater productivity and short-term profits. More than 30 years ago, W. Edwards Deming foresaw our current condition, and in 1982 he published Out of the Crisis, a theory of management declaring American companies require nothing less than a transformation of management. American management failed to listen. The economy was expanding; business was booming – until it wasn’t – and we know what has happened since."

As a 20+ year student of Dr. Deming's theory of management, Lori brings a passionate voice for the possibilities of teamwork and collaboration available to all organizations.  

Interview highlights include: 

  • her experience in "human capital management"
  • her corporate training background and the lingering questions, notably "What if we train our people and they leave the company?" and "What if we don't (train them) and they stay?" 
  • taking a break from business management consulting to support her family's farming business
  • her introduction to Deming management
  • as she learned more and more about Deming management, what stood out to her
  • where change begins
  • feedback on her first post, Don't Gamble with Your Company's Future
  • reflections on her post about her son's education system, Tree climbing or life-long learning – what’s the real AIM of our education system?
  • her blog audience
  • general blog feedback