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Nov 19, 2018

In our November 2018 interview podcast, his 1st session with Tripp, Mike Tveite reflects on his interactions with Dr. Deming, beginning with attending a Four-Day Seminar in 1986.  Mike went on to help Dr. Deming with 25 of his Four-Day Seminars, and to follow him around while he consulted with a division of General Motors.  

Highlights include:

  • Mike's career, beginning as a Professor of Statistics
  • First "World Shake" upon meeting Dr. Deming
  • Dr. Deming in the MIT lecture series
  • Learning statistics from Dr. Deming
  • "Pond" statistics and "Stream" statistics
  • Enumerative (pond) and Analytic (stream) Studies
  • On what are you taking action?
  • Mike's 2012 Deming Institute Conference presentation
  • 14 Points for Management
  • Management in a "pond" vs a "stream"
  • The System of Profound Knowledge as a lens
  • Production Viewed as a System
  • The interdependent components of a system
  • A single aim for the whole system
  • Forces at work which undermine the aim of an organization
  • Maximizing shareholder value
  • Optimizing the system over the long term
  • Data is like garbage, the need to know how to use it before collecting it