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Mar 30, 2019

In our 2nd interview podcast of 2019, Steven Haedrich, President of New York Label & Box Works (NYLBW), shared reflections on his continued admiration and application of the Deming Philosophy.

(This is Tripp's second interview with Steven.  Link here for the first interview.)

Highlights include:

  • Update on NYLBW
  • Immersed in the Deming Philosophy every day
  • Everything is moving much faster; quality has been a selling/differentiator
  • Also, a focus on innovation
  • Deming Chain Reaction, less rework/fewer mistakes/creating good paying jobs; the ONLY way to survive!
  • Continual improvement on a daily basis
  • Impact of a Total Cost focus?  NO!   Lowest price still gets the bid
  • Interaction with your peers in sharing the Deming Philosophy; sharing it every day with both private and public companies – explaining the old ways of sale commissions, performance appraisals, etc.
  • Other obstacles; clients and vendors adverse to partnering
  • Steven’s 2014 podcast – Deming is it!
  • Wonderful opportunity to join the board of directors of The Deming Institute
  • Deming Online – worldwide access to online learning with the potential to reach millions of students of the Deming Philosophy
  • How to get the word out on the Deming Philosophy
  • Steven’s speaking engagements – Graduate School USA, Conestoga College, upcoming printing conference
  • People are beginning to realize the limits of the prevailing system of management
  • People are beginning to see the prospects of a changing world and the need to be more effective with management systems
  • Where to start – The New Economics, 3rd edition, with Chapter 11 by Kelly Allen
  • The world is finally realizing that the old ways that we have accepted as the standards of thinking are no longer going to prepare us for the complexities, for the challenges, for the true globalization of the world.  
  • The Deming Philosophy captures the essence of collaboration and cooperation and teamwork and systems thinking and continual improvement; including joy in work!
  • The Deming Philosophy allows for a different end of the day experience; allowing us to make the world a better place!