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Nov 26, 2018

In our second interview podcast of November 2018, Doug Hall provides an overview of his latest book, “Driving Eureka!: Problem-Solving with Data-Driven Methods & the Innovation Engineering System”

(This is Tripp's third interview with Doug.  Link here for the first interview and here for the second.)

Highlights include:

  • Inventing “big ideas” for clients, as they entered the “Killing Zone”
  • Applied innovation, using the Deming Philosophy
  • How to “Find, Filter, and Fast-Track” big ideas
  • Happy clients, paying big money, but the ideas did not happen
  • Half the potential value of the big ideas is lost in internal development efforts
  • The independent parts of organizations work to promote their own silo
  • The average new product idea has a 95% failure rate in the market place
  • What’s wrong with project management?
  • Innovation projects have uncertainty
  • Problem solving with data-driven methods
  • Big ideas are easy – making them real is hard
  • A major obstacle is a reliance on opinions vs data
  • Shifting innovation from an art to a science
  • What to take away from this book?
  • All products follow a life cycle, from birth to death
  • Innovation for extending product life
  • How to create an innovation culture
  • Innovate or die
  • Obstacles to innovation – Lack of Leadership and Lack of a Process
  • Brain Brew Whiskeys for mass customization
  • Don't feel you need to do "all" of the Deming Philosophy
  • Just get started!
  • How to receive a special gift from Doug - go to gift