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Nov 3, 2017

This week's podcast features a conversation with Tripp Babbitt and Bill Bellows, with an explanation of several new elements of the Deming Podcast.

Beginning in May 2014, our podcasts have featured interviews with members of The Deming Institute community, including industry leaders, practitioners, educators, Deming family members, and others who share their stories of transformation and success through the innovative management and quality theories of Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Our most recent edition was an interview with Joshua Macht, Executive Vice President, Product Innovation, and Group Publisher of the Harvard Business Review Group. 

Beginning in December 2015, we have featured a variety of special topics in episodes known as “10 Minutes with Dr. Deming.”

Over the past few months, we have added three new podcast segments:

  • Deming Lens - an opportunity for Tripp and Bill to engage the Deming community in interpreting the wide-ranging aspects and implications of Dr. Deming's theory of management.

  • Deming Speaks – excerpts of presentations by Dr. Deming

  • Study Sessions of The New Economics - three times a year, we offer a six-part series of 90-minute conference calls, hosted by Tim Higgins, to study Dr. Deming’s book, The New Economics.   Recordings of these sessions are released in later months as podcasts.