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Aug 26, 2019

In our 28th "Deming Lens" episode, host Tripp Babbitt shares his interpretation of wide-ranging aspects and implications of Dr. Deming's theory of management.

Topics in this episode include:

  • The 13th of Dr. Deming’s 14 Points –Institute a vigorous program of education and self-improvement.
  • Dr. Deming – “keep elevating people’s minds”
  • Dr. Deming - “education need not be connected with their [employee's] work….keep people’s minds moving”
  • Are we missing opportunities to have employees engaged their brain in something bigger than themselves?
  • What is the role of the ventral striatum on being curious?
  • Getting new ideas from diversity – gain diversity in many ways
  • Personal impact of attending a Four-Day Seminar with Dr. Deming
  • Tripp’s pivot points once discovering the Deming Philosophy
  • The impact of the design of a given system
  • Living up to Dr. Deming’s principles
  • Is learning your lifetime goal?
  • Dr. Deming, “I make no apologies for learning”
  • Reading more than “Deming” material 

Dr. Deming's 14 Points are fully covered in Out of the Crisis. The New Economics presented his later thinking about the 14 points.