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Nov 9, 2018

In our 21st episode of Deming Speaks, this 27-minute excerpt from a lecture by Dr. Deming (which follows the content in episode #20) includes his thoughts on the following topics:
  1. The obligation of a component
  2. Some components may operate at a loss
  3. Management must understand the system
  4. What is the basis for negotiation between any two people, any two countries, etc?
  5. Variation there will always be
  6. What is the variation trying to tell us?
  7. Stable and unstable systems
  8. Measurement is a process
  9. Enumerative vs Analytic Studies
  10. The system cannot understand itself
  11. You can know a lot about ice and know nothing about water
  12. Management is prediction
  13. The simplest plan, how may I go home tonight, requires prediction...
  14. Knowledge is based on theory
  15. Rational prediction requires theory
  16. The barnyard rooster, Chanticleer
  17. Without a theory, there is nothing to learn
  18. Learning, information or knowledge?
  19. Knowledge has temporal spread
  20. Without prediction, experience and examples teach nothing
  21. Any rational plan is prediction