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The W. Edwards Deming Institute® Podcast

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Nov 9, 2018

In our 21st episode of Deming Speaks, this 27-minute excerpt from a lecture by Dr. Deming (which follows the content in episode #20) includes his thoughts on the following topics:
  1. The obligation of a component
  2. Some components may operate at a loss
  3. Management must understand the system
  4. What is the basis for negotiation...

Nov 2, 2018

In our 20th episode of Deming Speaks, this 26-minute excerpt from a 1992 lecture by Dr. Deming includes his thoughts on the topics below:
(This is the first part of the lecture, with part 2 to follow in our 21st episode)
  1. Why transformation is not enough?
  2. The individual components of a system will reinforce each other...